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"It is great to finally deal with a company that understands the need to address our left over office supplies. This is our best alternative to throwing away perfectly good products just because the machine broke and could not be repaired."
— Baker Sound Studio, Rick Di Donato

"Thank you for buying unwanted items that were piling up at our office. You paid prices that are very fair and the best part is your representative knew exactly what I was talking about."
— Merchant & Evans, Steve Buck

"I am thrilled to have found sellsurplussupplies.com. When my boss told me to clean up the toner room I was able to impress him by doing it quick and easy and by showing him a return on our extra supplies.  I really did "clean up." 
—  Pelino & Lentz, PC, Mariann Tice

"After years of using one machine I decided to upgrade, I did not know what to do with all the extra ink I had saved over the years, fortunately Sell Surplus was available to buy my old inks at a good price. Happy with the customer service department, very helpful."
— Glover Graphic, Eric Glover

"Getting rid of our supplies that we no longer needed was a big help which allowed us to buy more supplies we needed with the changing technology in our warehouse."
— PTM Sports, Nick Smith





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